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Music Videos

Run & Gun Shoot                        $400

  • 2-3 hour shoot

  • 1 - 2 locations within 10 miles of each other

  • performance scenes & slow motion b-roll ONLY

  • minimal or natural lighting

  • 2 week guaranteed turn around time

The most budget friendly package, the "Run & Gun" package will result in a very basic performance video of the artist with very minimal planning.

This option will work best for artists just wanting to get a quick video produced that retains the same look as Sean's other production levels, but will have much less content.


Official Video                           $500

  • 3 -4 hour shoot

  • 1 - 3 locations within 20 miles of each other

  • performance scenes, slow motion AND story oriented b-roll

  • basic music video treatment (simple text descriptions and visual assets to describe the final result)

  • advanced lighting (daylight balanced AND programmable RGB options)

  • 7 day guaranteed turn around time

The "Official Video" package will provide the artist with stunning visuals and decent flexibility in the planning process.

This option is best for artists with a decent sized budget that are wanting to stand out from the large amount of basic performance videos being put out by other artists every day.


Gold Standard Video              $1200

  • 5-6 hour shoot

  • 1 - 3 locations within 50 miles of each other

  • performance scenes, slow motion AND story oriented b-roll

  • advanced music video treatment (lengthy overall with a planned out script as well as descriptions of each scene in the video with visual assets to describe the final result)

  • advanced lighting & fog machine access (daylight balanced AND RGB options)

  • access to a large amount of props (i.e. prop money, wardrobe and anything that can contribute to the story/message of the video)

  • sports car rental OR location rental (modern apartments, homes, villas, & film studios)

  • full behind the scenes video coverage 

  • heavy involvement in the editing process (face-time calls during editing hours)

  • 3 day guaranteed turn around time

The "Gold Standard" will result in a high production value music video with a detailed story or message which will blow away other videos you may commonly see today. As well as providing high quality behind the scenes content to build up anticipation for the release of the final music video.

The ONLY option for the most serious artists who want the absolute most VALUE & CONTENT out their music video and are willing to invest in their craft. 

Promotional Videos

Cinematic Press Kit            $875

A documentary style mini promo visual for music artists. Includes: An interview, "day in the life" B-roll shots, and a 1-verse/1-hook music video. 


Product/Brand Promo        $350–$700

A 3-5 minute promotional visual for yourself, a brand, or a product.


* Video prices are broken down in a 2 part payment plan: 

  • 50% deposit up front (Non-Refundable)

  • 50% on the day of production 

* Prices do NOT include:

  • Location Fees

  • Extra Props

  • Long Distance Travel Costs (Outside of Aurora,CO)  >>>>>>View There  ----------->

* Additional costs may include:

  • Exotic cars (Lamborghini, Ferrari, etc.): $300

  • Video-ready models: $100


How To Book

Select A Package

Select a package that fits your budget and needs. 


Choose A Date  

Choose an available date and time slot that fits you


Pay Deposit

Pay 50% deposit up front (Non-Refundable). We except Cash, PayPal, Debit/CreditCard & Cash App (preferred)


Send Track & Any Visual Ideas

Email the desired track (MP3 or WAV) to with any ideas or video examples.


Schedule A Meeting

Schedule a meeting to discuss ideas, locations, concepts etc. (Phone, In Person, etc)


Production Day

Film on agreed scheduled date and time. Remainder of payment is due on this date. 


Footage will go into post-production stage,  Average turnaround is between 10-14 days, unless agreed upon deadline.

Travel Costs

In the packages above, travel costs are NOT included.

For shoots farther than 50 miles driving distance from Aurora, CO:

Sean charges $20 for every additional 50 miles driven to the first shoot location

Additional, $20 for every 50 miles driving from the last shoot location back to Aurora, CO

For shoots requiring the use of air travel:

Noah requires the artist to cover all travel accommodations for himself and his assistant ( flight tickets from RDU airport, hotel, rental car )

All accommodations MUST be taken care of to book a shoot day

Additional Services

(if not already included in your package)

Behind the Scenes content

Photos OR Videos: $120      Both: $200

Faster turn around time of 72 hours (5 times faster!).         $200

Access to original video file to upload on your platform     $150

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